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Yutaka Nakayama

Contemporary Artist / photographer



Lives and works in Tokyo

2011-2016 Graduate, Faculty of Economics(Major copywriting), Tokyo Keizai University

    Creative Internship

  Graduate, Advertising agency Hakuhodo Inc. Copywriter course 

  Participate, Advertising agency ADK Inc.Copywriter course


2017-2018 Work Company

 Marketing research company Macro Mill Inc.

  Consulting Sales Position

 Space·planning design company  

  belong Corporate branding team

Why Photograph

I got a job of looking at a marketing research company and looking at the psychology and desires of the people through data. However, from the research data, I could not find the desire of the people.

While proposing the future,  We found a clue to notice my own desire. So, I got a job at a company of  corporate branding. 

But,as a business, I could not feel freedom in suggesting solution process based on past cases.

Although I was able to look at the desires of the people, I wanted to observe directly at the desires and notions of the top.


Insight (trying to see something invisible) was necessary to look at people's desires and notions.


I believe that acts that look at people' desires and notions are linked to photographs, and the whole process is the reason.


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